Monolithos, Greece - Feb 2016

About Me

Hey, I’m Jono. I’m from New Zealand, and currently studying Computer Science and Applied Mathematics at the University of Auckland. In my spare time, I make things (mostly software, sometimes video and other things), run & bike, and spend too much money (mostly on traveling 🚀).

In my spare time, I like to distract myself with side projects. I helped build Gradiator (a CSS gradients app), Nitro (a task management app) and Lightread, which won the first Ubuntu App Showdown. I also made Stormcloud, a weather app that was the best selling app in the Ubuntu Store ever. Unfortunately software is hard to maintain, so after losing interest, all the apps are pretty much dead. On the positive side, they’re all open source which means you can download, modify and almost anything you like with the code.

But Jono, that was 2012-2013! What have you been doing since? In 2014, I realized that building open source apps for the rest of your life isn’t particularly profitable, so I put some effort into school, tried to get a few scholarships, and took a trip overseas. In 2015, I started University, finally started working on a new app, and then I took three months for another trip around the world.

Now it’s 2017 and I’m almost 21. I’m now in my last year at University and I’m currently working as an Intern at Sandfield. I built an app called called Transfer, it’s an FTP + SFTP app, and we can’t release it because of some terrible software design decisions. I also built Transit, a progressive web app for getting around Auckland’s public transport (yes, very niche). Currently I’m trying to bring Nitro back from the dead. Sign up to get early access.

Get in touch

I like talking to people! Message me if you just wanna chat, work together, or just wanna hang out. I also have email.

You can also check out my blog, Twitter, and GitHub.

I’m currently looking for graduate opportunities starting the end of 2017. Please have a look at my résumé and get in touch.