This is my awesome website

Hi, I’m Jono. I’ve had a couple of blogs over the years, but they tend to disappear as I abandon side projects and domain names. I finally have a domain name that I like, so I’ve decided to build a proper website. I haven’t completely finished yet, but the aim is to have all my work, projects, and writing in one place.

Picture of Jono

Who am I? Well, that page isn’t done yet, but I’m a student currently living in Auckland, New Zealand. At the moment, I study Computer Science & Applied Mathematics at the University of Auckland. On the side, I build websites for other people, make apps and travel the world.

I’m currently building a beautiful FTP + SFTP app for Windows 10. It’s not released yet, but you can check it out and sign up to the beta at

That’s really it for now. Feel free to copy and share anything written on the blog, with attribution. The website design and source code is also freely available on GitHub. Do whatever you like with it, but linking back is highly appreciated.