Dev Log: Febuary & March 2019

Oops. I’ve been a bit busy and forgot to do the dev log. As well as going on holiday, I’ve now “ungraduated” and now I’m an engineer on the Kubernetes team at Xero. It’s fun though, and I also made a logo for the team:

Xero Compute Platform Logo


Waka is now in the Google Play Store! It’s a trusted web activity, so it’s really just a PWA running in Chrome. The only difference between the Play Store and is an adaptive icon, but I might add more system integration in the future.

I’ve also been working on rewriting the server. Currently it’s a bit of a weird monolith that uses subprocesses, but I’m moving it to use containers. The idea is that when you run it in the cloud, it’s all load balanced and nice, but still just works when developing it on a single computer.

I’m going to be going into more depth in my next post, so stay tuned!


After receiving the first round of feedback, I realized that priorities and Magic Sort were missing from Nitro 3. I’ve now added both these features to Nitro 3, and they work great!

Nitro 3 Magic Sort

I find Magic Sort is really good when you have a large list with deadlines, dates, and priorities, and just need to know what to do first. Magic Sort was already built into the Today list, but you can now activate it on any list.

The second round of beta invites has also been sent, and I’ll be looking to send a third round in a couple of weeks!