Every Lot Bot

Over the long weekend, @nzsd & I set up a bunch of bots that tweet a street view photo of every lot for a bunch of cities. They tweet every 20-30 minutes, and you can follow them here:

They’ve already tweeted some fun stuff:

However, the main thing I’ve noticed so far is just how ugly the average New Zealand house is. We’re now living in an age where we’re going to demolish a lot of them, but honestly, it’s for the best.

The bots use the same open source code as some of the other every lot bots around the world. However, ours runs as CronJob on Kubernetes (it’s using the same cluster that Waka uses!). I can’t speak too much creating the GIS database, but you can deploy your own bot with the Terraform here: https://github.com/consindo/everylotbot-k8s.