A photo of Jono
Monolithos, Greece - Feb 2016

About Me

Hey, I’m Jono. Welcome to my website!


I’m currently a Product Owner at Xero in Wellington, New Zealand. At the moment I’m part of the bank feeds team, making sure that transactions from thousands of financial institutes get into Xero every single day.

Previously, I was a Software Engineerer on our the platform team, where I was responsible for designing and delivering a large-scale Kubernetes deployment, as well as improving and supporting a large Windows deployment, for all of Xero.

Before that, I was a Graduate Developer - still at Xero!


I was employed as an Intern at Sandfield in Auckland, New Zealand from November 2016 - September 2017. I worked with the Crossfire EDI team where we built a web app for customers to manage their orders, products, and EDI implementations.

Through the creation of this app, we saw a significant reduction in support time and costs for the Crossfire EDI product.

Side Projects


Waka is a progressive web app for getting around Auckland, Wellington, and Christchurch. It uses GTFS and real-time data to provide an easy way to check lines and schedules on the go.

Other Projects

Unfortunately, I’ve had to cancel a few side projects.

Nitro was a beautiful way to get things done, across lots of devices.

Transfer was a great FTP + SFTP app for Windows.

I also helped build Gradiator (a CSS gradients app), Lightread - which won the first Ubuntu App Showdown, and Stormcloud - a weather app that was the best selling app in the Ubuntu Store ever.

These projects have not been maintained, but the source code is available to download and modify.

Get in touch

I like talking to people! Email me if you want to chat, work together, or just hang out.

You can also check out my blog, Twitter, and GitHub.