While studying at the University of Auckland, I’m also employed as an Intern at Sandfield. I’m working with the Crossfire EDI team where we have built a web app for customers to manage their orders, products, and EDI implementations. I work with the full stack, developing with ES6, React, ASP.NET, and Microsoft SQL Server.

Through the creation of this app, we have seen a significant reduction in support time and costs for the Crossfire EDI product.

Side Projects

For many years I have loved building open-source apps as an opportunity to learn new technologies and skills outside of work and school.


Transit is a progressive web app for getting around Auckland. It uses Auckland Transport’s GTFS and real-time data to provide an easy way to check lines and schedules on the go.


Nitro is a cross platform task management app built with web technologies. I’m working on a new version and you can sign up for early access.


Transfer was supposed to be the best FTP + SFTP app for Windows. However, a public release is not currently possible due to issues with the Windows Store and our application architecture. If we can’t distribute the app in the store, we will open-source the code in the future.

Other Projects

I helped build Gradiator (a CSS gradients app), Lightread - which won the first Ubuntu App Showdown, and Stormcloud - a weather app that was the best selling app in the Ubuntu Store ever. These projects have not been maintained, but the source code is available to download and modify.

Micro Projects

My micro projects are similar to my side projects, but they only do one thing and do it well.

GPA Calculator

GPA Calculator is a basic web app to calculate what grade you need so you don’t fail.


swipeviewjs is a minimal Android style swipeview for the web, primarily used in Transit.

I’m currently looking for graduate opportunities starting the end of 2017. Please have a look at my résumé and get in touch.